Monday, April 6, 2009

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Spring Time Rabbit
~ Juggling Jack ~

He can be purchased in my
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If you ENJOY Vintage, a Little Prim & Whimsey, then you will LOVE "Look in the Nook"
OOAK creations by Me,
Jack the Rabbit is juggling his springtime bottle caps. He is a fabric sculpture sewn of muslin. He is titghtly stuffed.He is painted and stained with a wax for a primitive aged leather look.There is wire inside his ears so they will bend. He measures 21" tall from the top of his ears to the bottom of the antique sterling silver pedestal candy dish. He is juggling springtime rusty bottle-caps. There is vintage pictures on the fronts of the caps.... ....and vintage flowers on the backs of the caps.
This is a "One of a kind piece"signed and dated by Me.

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So sweet, i like this blog..very nice:-)


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