Sunday, September 6, 2009

Halloween Banner Garland

This banner garland can be purchased in the
I made these banners with vintage looking scrap images.They are layered on top of a fabric banner. Then embellished with glitter, trim, lace, crepe paper, rusty bottle caps, pom poms and more. They hang from a 5' tinsel garland. The banners are 13" x 9".
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Crepe paper medallion with, glitter, rusty bottle cap with picture inside hang between the banners. The banner is edged with ruffled crepe paper.
The back is orange print fabric.

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Kathy said...

Jany...Thanks for stopping by as it led me to your very "Artsie" Blog!!!! I have spent a good deal of time checking out all your work and you are one talented girl!!! I grew up next to a family when I was very young...and you look like a dead ringer for the little girl who lived there, her name was Jany... You wouldn't be Jany Groff would you? Just a long shot...Your photo looks just like how I remember her Mom looking... Oh well, doesn't hurt to ask! God Bless, xoxo~Kathy~ @ Sweet Up-North Mornings...


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