Friday, October 9, 2009

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The stand with the light on.

Witches' Brew crock jug.

The Witch is In.
The hat is made out of a heavy black pattered fabric.
The orange hat band is edged with orange and black tinsel and fastened with a rusty buckle. The hat is topped off with a black and orange pom pom.Several old buttons have been added to the hat.
The hat sits on an antique brass and wood stand.
Inside is a light with a on and off switch on the cord.
The light shines through the cut out holes.
A hangtag reading "The Witch is In" decorated with crepe paper and glitter.
The Witches brew is a old crock jug.
It reads "Witches' Brew"
It has a picture of three Witches standing over they brew pot.
The edges are outlined with fine black glass glitter.I added a skull button and hang tagto the jug. The tag has a witch embellishment on one side and the other says 1692
The brim of the hat is approx. 12 1/2" and 15 tall.
The hat with stand is approx. 22" tall.
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Roberta Granada said...

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Sares said...

This is so darned NEAT! What a creative idea. Witches hays are one of my favorite Halloween decorations. Love the brew jug too! I'm sure you will sell it in nothing flat!


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